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Cloud 9 Smoke Juice

$3.95 (Fixed shipping cost)

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30ml bottle: Our finest. Full flavor juice, with no bitterness or aftertaste. Feel the hit, not too strong but just right. An excellent all day companion that wins.

  • - The e-liquid flavors available are Tobacco flavor e-liquid, Menthol flavor e-liquid, Vanilla flavor e-liquid, Strawberry flavor e-liquid, Chocolate flavor e-liquid, & Cherry flavor e-liquid
  • - E-liquid strengths available are High (24mg), Medium (18mg), Low (11mg) and Zero.
  • - All milligram content for Cloud9 e-liquid cartridges is per 1.2 ml.
  • - Cloud9 e-liquid refill for electronic cigarettes is manufactured exclusively in the US
Instructions: How To Use The American Made Smoke Juice.
  1. 1. Remove the silicone plug from the new cartridge.
  2. 2. Dislodge the "cotton" encased in white plastic located inside the brown mouthpiece. This can be accomplished by tapping the cartridge, open end face down, on a hard surface. Alternatively, the cotton can be popped out by inserting a paper clip, safety pin, or the like into the small hole on the mouth end of the cartridge.
  3. 3. Either hold the cotton encased in plastic, or place it on a flat surface, insert the pipette (the tip  of the dropper) slightly into the "cotton",  and drip Cloud 9 American made Liquid Elixir (Smoke Juice) slowly into the cotton until it is soaked. Since the plastic encasing is translucent, you will be able to see when the cotton is soaked thoroughly.
  4. 4. Last Step- Replace the cotton into the mouthpiece. Slide the filled cartridge onto the atomizer. Give the unit a quick shake to disperse any liquid that may have pooled in the atomizer. Puff and enjoy.
The Smoking Liquid Elixir
Our Cloud 9 Super Cigarette has been mated to the finest Smoking Liquid available -  The Cloud 9 Smoking Liquid Elixir, an American made, product where consistency and quality are paramount.  The synergy of these two great products will bring you a memorable smoking experience. Place this Smoking Liquid Elixir into your Electronic Cigarette and enjoy. Cloud 9 is proud to offer you this smoking experience and we stand behind our flagship products. We strongly feel that "An Experienced Smoker Is Our Best Customer.

About Cloud9Smoking e-liquid
Our e-cigarette liquid refill is manufactured in the US. At our manufacturing facilities in Brooklyn, NY we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Cloud9Smoking e-liquid tastes great and will never clog your atomizer. Our e-liquid is available in six different flavors to accommodate all tastes.  Our current list of e-liquid flavors include: Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry & Cherry. Our Tobacco flavor e-juice is flavored with 100% natural tobacco extract. We do not source our tobacco extract from a third party. Instead, we produce our own tobacco flavor e-juice using fresh tobacco leaves. Cloud9Smoking e-liquid is available in four strengths: High (20mg), Medium (15mg), Low (9.2mg), & Zero. All milligram strengths of our e-liquid are to 1ml of e-juice.

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  1. My first, but continues to be the best.

    Posted by Amy Hines on Apr 1st 2016

    I first started out w/cigalikes, & Cloud 9 happened to be available at a local store at a reasonable price. I never looked back - haven't had a cigarette in over 5 years. During that time, I gradually switched over to more sophisticated equipment, & tried MANY different brands of e-juice, but so far haven't found any brand, cheaper or pricier, that was as good, although I did find a few that weren't bad. One odd thing about this brand is that the nicotine level, to me at least, makes a significant difference in the flavor. For me, although I would prefer 0 nicotine, the high nicotine juices are FAR superior. In most other brands, there is little or no difference. Go figure. The flavors I like are Tobacco & Vanilla, which is especially unusual - a lot of buttery flavor, but enough bite to let you know you're 'smoking,' not eating dessert. Excellent product all the way around.

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